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Fly Fishing Travel & Hosted Trips

5-Star Hospitality & Service, Anywhere You Want To Go


Kay Fly Fishing Lodge Trip Information

|| 5-Star Hospitality Experiences

|| Custom-Built, Client-Based Itineraries

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Big Permit caught while fishing at Kay Fly Fishing Lodge in Punta Allen, Mexico
Joe Irby with a happy client fly fishing for trout in Wyoming
Big Tarpon jumping near St. Simons Island, Georgia

The team at Wood Valley has a burning passion for delivering fully-customized fishing experiences to anglers, families, corporate groups, hardcore fly anglers and everyone in between. Even though our team might prefer to fish 12 hours a day, that isn't necessarily everyone's idea of a destination trip. WVT prides itself on delivering the highest level of hospitality to our clients. Whether you are seeking a family vacation to one of our partner lodges in Patagonia or chasing the classic Trout experience in Yellowstone, we are your full-service resource.
















Q:  How much more does Wood Valley cost vs. booking a destination directly?

The answer is zero. For all trips to domestic & international lodges, our suite of services are available at no extra cost to you or your party. That includes detailed trip preparation, casting lessons, fly-tying instruction, travel arrangements and much more.

  • Destination Travel & Hosted Trips { Domestic & International }

  • Professional Photography, Film & Content Production 

  •  Client Marketing & Content Services

About WVT

Wood Valley Travel is a team of passionate, educated and adventure-driven fly fishing guides who specialize in advising and hosting top of the line sporting adventures. With a strong focus on hospitality, anticipation of client needs and approaching every trip as a unique experience, WVT takes our passion for sharing the special places we love and does it with the highest standard of class. To make your trip complete, our team of guides includes established photographers in the outdoor industry and will capture the highlights for you all week long.

Whether you need advice on your evening's fly selection or want to talk about your next family vacation, please give us a call!

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